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O ALMIGHTY God, in the form of a little Child Prostrate at the Feet of Thy Miraculous image make me worthy to meditate on Thy greatness and power. Thy Goodness and mercy , and Thy majesty as God and man.

O Divine Infant ! with the most profound reverence I contemplate Thy Divine Countenance shedding its gentle and forgiving light, like the sun, on the Good and the bad.

 Design, ye friendly eyes of my Jesus, to cast one look of grace upon me, and to give me sincere tears of repentance, that on the judgment day I need not fear Thy looks of righteous anger.

O sweetest Jesus! Filled with admiration, I praise thy holy lips filled with heavenly wisdom and uttering words of grace for the remission of sin, Lest, however, Thy divine lips might one day be forced to pronounce the sentence of condemnation on me, on account of my own words, I beseech Thee, O Lord, place a seal upon my lips, so that they may never be opened to utter an uncharitable opinion or a sinful word, May I ever preserve Thy Truth and Thy love in my heart and upon my tongue.

O merciful Infant! With pious fervour I Kiss Thy most holy hands, which Thou Extendest to hold the entire world in Thy loving embrace. I venerate Thy almighty hand, ruling and governing the universe and I implore Thee to direct all our works to Thy own honor, and to let Thy right hand be ever extended in blessing over thy worshipers who confidently pray to Thee. Amen

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